The Tantric sexuality book Maithuna is about the tantric love experience. In the book Maithuna is described how you can do this. It is a practical explanation about loving and respectfully tantric love making in the ‘Here and Now’. The Kundalini can freely flow between the partners to come together in a space less and timeless moment.

What can you learn from tantric sexuality book?

tantric sexuality bookWomen

The most crazy stories are told about Tantra. You might ask yourself what you can learn? Beside the tantric love game, as a woman you will also learn how to use your yoni (vagina) in a more intense way by learning new skills with the Yoni trainer. This is possible with and without partner.


In the book Maithuna is described how men can postpone their ejaculation. After learning this a man is able to let his partner enjoy the tantric love making, but also the ’11 minutes’ sex.

Questions about tantra sexuality book

If you have questions about tantric sexuality when reading Maithuna, we are happy to answer them for you. The author tantric teacher Martin of the tantric sexuality book Maithuna answers to all serious questions about tantric sexuality.



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