Yoni trainer

Yoni trainer set
Retail price (incl. VAT)£33.00

The Yoni trainer helps to train your pelvic floor muscles and to intensify your orgasms. The diameter of the Yoni trainer varies is 2 cm and it has a length of 10 cm. The Yoni trainer is manually, very subtly smoothened for a comfortable insertion in combination with Shakti massage oil. One bottle is included and more can be ordered. Your Yoni trainer is made by women, because we women know what we like.

Your Yoni trainer advantages:

  • Strong pelvic floor muscles
  • Helps to induce the Kundalini flow
  • Erotic feeling during practices
  • More intense orgasms (with or without partner)
  • Burning of calories and increased energy afterwards
  • Affordable for every woman
  • Lifelong Warranty

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