Kamasutra for Women is the subtitle of the book Maithuna, written by tantric teacher Martin. In the Kamasutra for Women is explained how to make love as a couple in a tantric way. The well-known Kamasutra with all its positions, described by Vatsyayana, is strictly focused on male pleasure. However, the modern and self-conscious woman does not accept this anymore and demands more from a man. In the Kamasutra for Women the woman is leading, so together with her partner she will make love tenderly. Tantric love making can last several hours with more intensity and intimacy than the ’11 minutes’ sex.

Kamasutra for WomenHow does Kamasutra for Women work?

In the book, based on drawings, it is described how to make tantric love. It starts with the right preparations. The woman learns new techniques, including leading inside, bumping, pulsating, and pompoir technique. The man is taught how to delay or prevent ejaculation. Tantric love making can be taught to everyone and after a while it goes naturally, guided by your feelings.

Intensity Kamasutra for Women

The intensity during tantric love making can be so strong that you will reach a state beyond time and space. Everyone who has experienced this wants to return to this. The Kamasutra for Woman is every womens dream.

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