Frequently asked questions about Maithuna

Regularly we get questions about Maithuna addressed to Xander Pleysier, the author of the book Maithuna. For you, Xander has answered these questions.

What is the difference between tantric sex and tantric love making?

Tantric sex contains the word ‘sex’. Sex is at odds with the Tantra mindset. Sex is power, everyone having genitals can do it, and it has nothing to do with Tantra. In Tantra there is a lovingly melting with each other in a tender and respectful way, making Tantric love = Love. 

What is the best foreplay prior to Maithuna?

The Lingam (penis) and Yoni (vagina) can be stimulated in the well-known classic ways. However, pay attention to prevent ejaculation before starting with Maithuna!

No ’11 minutes’ sex anymore when you master tantric love making?

When you know what the power is of Maithuna, definitely as a man, ’11 minutes’ sex won’t be appealing anymore. However, it can be exciting when also the female partner feels a need for ’11 minutes’ sex. This type of sex has nothing to do with Tantric love making, because there the woman is leading.

Can everyone experience a transcendent experience?

It is possible for everyone to experience a transcendent experience, in which you rise above yourself. We are taking about a state beyond time and space. By practicing according to the description in the book Maithuna each time you will come closer to this experience, so suddenly it will be there. Here too, the journey is just as fun as the goal you are heading for.

Will there be a Tantra Massage book as successor to Maithuna?

Giving massages in a tantric way can be learned by everyone. However, learning from a book or YouTube videos is not possible. It is all about the feeling, giving the right pressure, acceleration, and deceleration during the massage. This has to be taught in real life by an experienced teacher. One day there might come a combination of the book and workshop to teach the feeling.

Do I have to shave the entire Yoni area for Maithuna?

Shaving the entire area is a product of the ‘porn world’. When making long-term tantric love stubble above the Yoni area can be painful for Shiva (the man). The skin gets chapped from long-lasting rubbing… However, shaving the area next to the labia is hygienic.

Is there a difference between Kamasutra and Maithuna?

The subtitle of Maithuna is Kamasutra for Women, because the classic Kamasutra is developed for men. The sense and pleasure of the woman was of secondary importance in the Kamasutra. Everything serves the pleasure of the man, regardless how many women are needed. The woman (Shakti) feels with her Yoni what she enjoys and this sense she passes on to the Lingam. This in combination with the flowing Kundalini (life energy) induces a fusion in a state where there is no time and space in the ‘Here and Now’.

If you also have questions about Kamasutra for Women, Tantric sex, Tantric love making, prevention of ejaculation or other relevant Maithuna subjects, feel free to ask them.   

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