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The online e-book Maithuna reveals the secret about tantric love making in the ‘Here and Now’ and is seen as 'the tantric sex book'. This is the book on which women have been waiting for 2000 years… The Maithuna can last several hours en is for many couples a new experience. Experiencing Maithuna several times, you or the both of you will have an ultimate experience beyond time and space. You read the e-book online so can scroll during your Maithuna sessions and you always have the latest version. The book Maithuna is available as a paperback.


A more extensive explication about the Maithuna book by the writer Xander Pleysier.

Maithuna is Tantric Sex?

Maithuna is the tantric term for sexually uniting regarding Tantra. With this book I want to contribute to an increased mutual respect and intimacy between man and woman. The woman may enjoy and takes the initiative in Maithuna. The intention of love is to be together, without exercise of power. The Maithuna experience is more than a joint growth process, it is a flowering process… 

The monotheistic religions have undermined the position of the woman. In the Tantric world both partners are equal. I wrote the book having this vision in mind.

Maithuna asanas

In Maithuna there are rituals and asanas (postures / intertwining) which are mentioned in books about Tantra. However, how to perform the rituals and postures is not described anywhere. With this book I want to reveal this well-kept secret. The way of writing is focused on the Western world. I have only used spiritual terms when highly necessary. My intention was to write a straight forward, readable and applicable book. Some will think this book is based on Neo Tantra or Fusion Tantra. This book is a guideline. However, at the end you create together with your partner your own Maithuna.

There is no intention to preach a free moral. In which composition you will experience Maithuna, is up to you as reader. There are the most crazy stories about tantric love making. In this book I limit the content to a description, techniques, and application.

Namasté, Xander Pleysier

With special gratitude towards my teachers and students.

Impression of the Maithuna e-book

The book Maithuna is illustrated with unique drawings to clarify the postures (asanas) and techniques. To avoid any connection with the ‘porn world’, there was chosen for an abstract way of drawing. The same is true for the used terms Yoni, Lingam, Guda, and Tantric sex.

Maithuna explanation

The goal of Maithuna (tantric love making) is to obtain, due to practice, an experience beyond time and space during the lovingly uniting. You will achieve this through the described meditation, asanas (postures), Kundalini flow, breathing techniques, Yoni techniques (*), and Lingam techniques (**). The asana poster is a useful tool when performing the asanas. For Tantricas the book and the asana poster is a must have… For the ultimate Maithuna experience you should use a Maithuna pillow.

*vagina and **penis in Sanskrit

Delaying or preventing ejaculation during Maithuna

Tantric love making can last for hours. There is no intention to obtain a fast cumming, because this disturbs the ‘love game’. How to prevent you will cum quickly? In the book Maithuna is explained how the prevent an ejaculation. These Tantric techniques can be applied by every man. This is also possible during the ’11 minutes’ sex.

e-Book Maithuna

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