Maithuna is the expression for tantric love making also know as tantra sex. In the tantric sexology it is all about love making (tantric sexuality) with extreme intensity and intimacy between lovers. The book Maithuna tells you how to make tantric love. The subtitle of the book is 'Kamasutra for Women' and teaches men how to postpone ejaculation.

Unique and exclusive

Maithuna cover UKThe book Maithuna is unique, because it is written by a real tantrist (tantrica), Xander Pleysier, who gives Maithuna courses and is a tantric masseur. The book is the only in its kind, describing in a simple way ‘How’ to perform tantric lovemaking and how to reach a state beyond time and space. The book Maithuna is sold in small quantities and is exclusively intended for true bon vivants who may ask questions to the author.

More intense ’11 minutes sex’

The spontaneous traditional ’11 minutes sex’ is not replaced by tantric lovemaking. Because in Maithuna Shiva learn how to postpone his ejaculation, the enjoyment of Shiva will be increased and a ‘wild’ lovemaking will become much more intense.

Taking initiative

Experiencing the Maithuna you do together to reach a state beyond time and space after exercise. You take the initiative together to start with the tantric lovemaking, because it lasts for several hours. When you have made tantric love several times, you can apply variations in the order of asanas (positions). In the asanas Shakti (the woman) learns techniques to increase her pleasure. For Shiva (the man) it is special to be able to experience this. Shakti is leading, but as a variation she can leave the initiative to Shiva.


The book is illustrated with unique drawings to clarify the positions (asanas) and techniques. The more abstract form of drawing was chosen to avoid any connection with the ‘porn world’. This also applies to the terms used such as Yoni (vagina), Lingam (penis), Guda (anus), and Maithuna (tantric lovemaking).


In the book Maithuna you will find all kind of necessities for the ultimate maithuna experience. You will see during reading the book Maithuna that the necessities are to comfort you. So there is the cocos Mood lighting and Maithuna pillow

Yoni trainer

Women can train there yoni muscle with the yoni trainer (combined with Shakti massage oil) for the more intense experience. So you can even enjoy the feeling even without a partner.


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